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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and be organized in a time of need. for air b & b, we've taken that functionally it that we developed for hurricane sandy and we made it such we can deploy it next time within 30 minutes, whether it be here in san francisco or anywhere else around the world, to rally, to rally support and provide services. and, so, in closing i just want to thank our city leaders, mayor lee, president chiu, the department of emergency management, the bay share and the sharing economy companies for getting this dialogue started so that we're ready when it's needed. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, nate. and thank you all for coming. this has been a great day today. we are going to get -- go back into our meeting and continue our dialogue, but mayor lee and president chiu and i believe nate and milicent also will be here to answer a few questions
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if you would like to. so, thank you all for coming. (applause) test, test, test, test, test, test test >> good morning and welcome to the special trans joint authority board directors meeting for july 1st. can we take roll please. yes good morning (calling names) >> madam chair you have a kwoum
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any directors new or old business? then we can move on. >> good morning directors and public. today in light of the bars strike you want to brief is board on the transportation option. so i've asked my colleague to talk about that. >> good morning directors. i'm here with the management team. i've got a couple of quick slides to show you at the temp terminal that alleviate the conditions at the bar strike >> so the map you see in front of i is the law out of the
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temporary terminal. most of you are familiar with that. we have greyhound open folsom and golden gate and on the internal they have two buses. and then if you notice we have one near the beagle street entry. we're going to use that for some additional transit operations. so that's my first bullet. we have 5 additional buses and they're going to use that unallocated lay over position. and they're to run 5 additional
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to maintain their bus ways down highway 80. ac transit is going to provide additional service as well as operators as available and also springs and customer service staff. and then our facility manage a b m has staffed up with additional janitorial. we're going to have a lot new riders we anticipate a lot that more garbage being generated. and then we're going to have represents to help people out because people aren't familiar with the fair system and programming the content on howard street.
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and then mta is going to provide additional parking control officers primarily along folsom street the buses heading out to the bay bridge and mta has designated the west side of curb street between howard and mission. so that's one block north for bart buses for morning and evening peaks. and then finally we have an updated map and those are being passed out at the temporary terminal. any questions or comments? >> director. >> yeah, i'm glad to see that we're really hanging in there. the one thing that hadn't been
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utilized is there are a number of communities sustaining lee and and others that have bart shufrlts and they make zero sense; right? they can't function the way those are little shurlts and they're performing a route that's not sensible but what makes sense is to get them across the bay. so their pulling people across the bridge and we, of course, would have to accumulate them i don't know if we could. i have not been pushing them but if that were possible then if this is ended up being prolonged
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those shuttles could go directly to herman >> i think we could look at that if that's put forward. that lay over space could probably accumulate some additional shuttles. and now speaking of our outreach efforts scott will update us on public you outreach >> good morning our community outreach activities include a
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booth at the pride fair and a a number of images so people can get a sense of what's on the horizon. that was staffed with our program management and legal team so we want to thank singer and everyone who helped out. we had two other community meetings during that time and we had a public meeting input on the draft supplemental report. and on june 20th we had two meetings on the staging of ac transit buses. we currently stage the buses during the he evening commute between 7 and 2e7b p.m. and that lot is being development so it's
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not going to be available. we had our first community meeting to gather some inputs and on june 20th we brought a proposal based on it input which stages those buses on fremont and another street from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the week days. we give an update from 12:00 p.m. on july twog. i'd like 80 to have the financial reports please. >> good morning those are your standard quarterly reports from the third quarter through the end of march indicates that all
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expenditures were within our fiscal year budget. we'll be presenting the upcoming for approval in this meeting. the status of contracts showing that's in general the procurement activities are preceding as plans and the passage will be here for the next meeting. reports on d b e and d b level for the current level are fourteen percent and there's an additional participation level. the third report is the investment of tussals. we invested in a series of treasury notes but at the mature every quarter and we have the update report since the beginning of the program which
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is 6 hundred and 38 million. i'm happy to answer any questions >> i notice the both on the operating and capital budget for the year three-quarters through the year we're 50 percent extended i'm wondering can we have an explanation of why that is. >> yes generally when we look at the cash flow to estimate our baseline budget we're looking at an aggressive version of the cash flow to have an aggressive scheduling so we're going to be prepared scheduled wise. >> we run a tight ship. >> and so do we expect the same in the fiscal year today which
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is normally conservative. >> yes, so it would be amended likely pat some president in the year if it provides the budget is approved and the activities precede as planned. >> thanks. >> okay. now i'd like to ask bob to present the project labor agreement report. >> thank you members executive director. we had in mayor our quarterly p l a meeting with the carpenters labors and so forth. this was our sixth meeting on the labor front things continue to go well without issues of
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shortages of workers. in terms of upcoming contracts the next major package will be the bus ramps we're currently targeting that for advertisement in july. the spur structure passage when we met in may we were in the process of repackaging it we did that and took bids on the 20th of june. the revised estimate was a $180 million on the scope on bid on june 20th and we'll be bringing that on the july 11th board meeting. the labor unions record on their
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interaction with the school district. both trying to set up interimships and from the building counsel that has been to the architectural maintenance board. in terms in terms of student interims there are many in the audience you see the numbers before you with pg we have one referred by the mayor's office. we have 3 with p m pc and for you with turner and 5 with web core. the web core continues to take a very active roll in he leading a coalition in the region to find
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placement for veterans and buildings trades with the building futures task force. there were a number of events this past year. the united kraeshth april of 2013 sorry i didn't bring my copy had an article on the effort in this arena and gave a presentation. in terms of apprenticeships and opportunities web coppertones to work with the advisory board and findings long-term employment for low income individual and a bringing on site a number of tours and workshops. in terms of tracking.
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we continue to see good numbers in the apprenticeship area. in terms of the general building trades we're running currently well above the 1 to 5 ratio that is in terms of journey man-hours. and in terms of the labors and operators where it's on site apprentices to journey men on a daily base is a 4 to one radio the red is the number of apprentices on site and the green is the apprentices required. this has been supported with the work from relations to build apprenticeship tracking into the software. this was implemented april of last year which is where the see
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the red sewer passing the green. so if you have any questions about the pa or the work with the unions >> i wanted to acknowledge that first of all, the report not just the power point was well done. it was real it was really through and explained a lot of the activities and the behind the scenes staff and workers unions it seems like a lot of what we hoped for when is great. i do wonder the tracking for the apprentices is great and the results are good, good. do we have any other tracking
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for the local workforce you mentioned the mission hiring hall and for the conveniences there has been tremendous outreach >> yeah, we currently aren't tracking those. one of the things we have had to do - >> we are tracking the veterans. >> we can provide that as well. >> we include that in the local progress report. >> great thank you for your
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comment director. >> next as you know in past meetings during public comment we've heard about the variety and the stairwell. i want to provide you with the information of the past review and the mr. patrick's suggestions. he will be presenting and he's joined by josh. bob >> thank you. again. i wanted to start by talking about the elevator and the stairwell at the west side. it's a double stairwell where you have two stairwells in a single enclosure.
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it occupies the same area by it give us twice the capacity. it is for the existing at the park. so a few things of note it's an emergency exit stairwell so it's closed in normal continues it's alarmed it does have cameras to monitor if someone does go into it. without - without there being an event. so that also represents about 40 percent of the existing capacity for the park. and one of the important thing is this is existing capacity that is for the events at the park. and the existing capacity of the
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park is also for the other portions of the building. this is for the size of the park. but having it exterior to the main core of the building we don't bring that core down through the bus desk where it would distract from the bus area but not add service to the bus passengers. the elevator is intended to be in the park. we had a park desk on top of the deck ramp there was also through the phase the design team was looking for a means of
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activating the park the elevator was brought back to the park and incorporated with the exit stairwell. so those two elements have been part of the design since the design development phase they were introduced in 2009 and have been in the drawings since that time. you've heard from mr. patrick he's had some ideas for how the existing capacity could be accommodated. we'll met with him 2009. one of the ideas he proposed was the existing could be incorporated into a development at the west side of the building or he heard in his may comments
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that could be accommodated in the exist tower. the existing for the transit center needs to be in our property we can't exit through the other part of the believes. another concept was that park patrons exit out into the bus ramps as a means of refuge of getting out of the building having the stairwell you exist to the building. from a safety prospective again having people evacuated from the bus ramps was not acceptable. so the other concept that mr.
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patrick proposed we eliminate one of the two freight elevators. that wouldn't have sufficient space and to the park and operationally we need those. we look at the prevail analysis for elevator demand we we required both of those elevators. so we met with mr. patrick and discussed how the existing could be handled and have not found an alternative solution.
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we've talked with mr. patrick how they could connect to the center to the park level as well as we discussed conceptually. and the building behind it was formerly john collins but if we wanted open existing from those recuperates across the property line that would be something that pg a would be interested in talking about. and activating the spaces. so i wanted to assure the directors that these are a part of the center operation and a
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great deal of care went into their placement and we've attempted to look at apply patrick's suggestions and alternatives for those programs but believe that the approach we're carrying forward is the best design solution to provide those functions and be happy to answer any questions you have about them >> are there any questions from board members. >> yeah, i'm glad to hear hair the report because mr. patrick and i met in the park a couple of weeks ago. i agree we have to do a stand-alone evaluation but at the end what are your plans and, you know, and if they had come
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to fruittion i think we're going to do the right thing and being cognizant we have to have our own criteria to abide by >> any questions? i appreciate i looking at into this. >> yeah, and the potential. >> i'm with the planning department staff i was asked to give some context on the properties and their development potential. on the screen i see the parcels outlined in blou blue are mr. patrick's properties one is a
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small property. and the first one lot 52 is less than 34 hundred square feet and the other one is 15 hundred square feet and the other one is less than 5 hundred square feet. their approximately 55 hundred square feet. even all combined this is a small grouping of parcels. the dimensions is 41 feet and the maximum is 72 feet. this is the i mention of the building on chooj and hope. excuse me. this is on - actually let me just back up for a moment. it's true that mr. patrick's
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property is essentially an artifact of various things that have taken place over time. neither the areas are over 50 feet. the properties along howard and mission and the reason that mr. patrick's properties have a zoning of 5 hundred feet because the transit center project which it was moved ahead had we really grappled with this we would have had mr. patrick's properties in more of a context. regardless of the fact there's a 5 hundred feet zoning on the property as you can see from the zone of the properties it's highly unlivable that anything
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would be built. and there's a height ordinance of '96 in this case it means that setbacks would be 50 feet in height and you can see the weight of the properties buildings couldn't be above 50 feet. the historic context to the west you can see the boundary of the east his property lies outside of it but i can see the properties are in the district and all those properties are notable historic resources. it's a significant building in the district and as a stand alone property. those are handsome buildings they